Programs & Practices

While members and students of Lama Tashi are encouraged to engage in practices suitable for their needs such as beginning practitioners or newcomers focusing on reciting MANI mantras, meditation, yidam practice, or completing the three-year retreat program, KTZL also welcomes visitors or anyone who is delighted to have a Buddhist connection.

Daily Practice (Prayer):

Morning puja, Mahakala and Sur

​Weekly Practice (Prayer):

Green Tara, Medicine Buddha

Monthly Practice (Prayer):

Tsok (Skt. Ganacakra) offering to Buddha Amitabha, Milarepa, Karma Pakshi, Guru Rinpoche, Four-arm Chenrezig puja, Dom Sum (for renewing vows), Calling Lama from Afar

Annual Practice (Prayer):

Heart sutra, Kon Chog Chi Du and Yangdrub retreat, Mahakali puja, White Tara retreat, Long Mahakala puja, Thousand-arm Chenrezig retreat (Nyung Nes), Rinpoche’s teachings on Mahamudra and Lojong