4th North American Kagyu Monlam 2013,Toronto

4th North American Kagyu Monlam 2013, Toronto, Ontario Information Regarding Fees/ Donations for Offerings

This year’s Monlam will feature the conferring of the Mahayana Sojong Vows, recitation of prayers, meditation sessions, daily teachings regarding the Monlam and, on the final day of June 30th, a celebration of his Holiness, the Karmapa’s birthday.

The cost for the general public to attend Monlam is $50.00 per day or $225.00 for all five days. This includes breakfast and lunch. Payment can be made via PayPal at (www.kagyumonlamnorthamerica.org) .

The Monlam will be free of charge for ordained members of the sangha although donations will be appreciated. If you are an ordained monk or nun please submit a copy of your ordination papers at the time you register so that we can verify your status. The deadline for monks and nuns to register is May 15, 2013. If we do not receive your registration by the deadline, we will not be able to provide accommodations and transportation.

The Monlam daily schedule is available on our website and more details will be sent to you when you register.


· For monks and 3 year retreat people ONLY, accommodation will be provided

Information available at the Kagyu Monlam North America website :

On the “Sponsorship” page for those would like to donate to help support this event. Sponsors will be granted preferred seating.

A registration form can be download from the “Registration” page.

Donations for Offerings

Breakfast Sponsorship – $500/day

Lunch Sponsorship – $1500/day

Tea/Juice Sponsorship – $250/day

1000 offerings for shrine sponsorship – $300

· Includes:

o 1000 torma

o 1000 flowers

o 1000 incense

o 1000 saffron water

o 1000 candle

Butter Lamp Sponsorship

· Betty Lam (fix the prices according to sizes and proximity to the main shrine)

Tsok Sponsorship

· Individual donation

Deceased and Long Life Sponsorship

· $5/name

o For more information regarding donations, contact Betty Lam (blam2055@gmail.com)