Mahakala Retreat Feb 10-14, 2018

Mahakala Retreat
Feb 10-14, 2018
2 sessions in the morning of teaching/ puja( 9.30 am – 12 pm )
2 sessions in the afternoon of teaching /puja(3 pm- 6 pm )

It has been the tradition in Tibet to celebrate Losar (New Year) by performing the long Mahakala puja for several consecutive days towards the end of the year. This practice is to dispel obstacles of the old year and to create auspicious conditions for the New Year.

Chi Lu puja is a special practice to remove obstacles which will shorten our lifespan. By making offerings to satisfy our creditors who aim at taking our life force and energy, we can get away from untimely death. Those who cannot attend the ceremony can make the arrangement of bringing your fingernails, hair and some coins to the Centre beforehand. These things will be offered during the Chi Lu puja. By doing this, one can clear the karmic debts by repaying our creditors directly. Chi Lu puja is to be performed in the afternoon on Feb 13.

The concluding ceremony on Feb 14 includes burning of the offering tormas, self-empowerment and oracle dumplings.

Suggested Donations:

Members- $100 for the whole retreat
Non-members – $120 for the whole retreat
Daily admission – $35

There will be butter lamp offering, flower offering, and lunch offering